Humber Park Elementary

School Closure

Information regarding school cancellations is always posted to, on our cancellation line at 902-464-4636 and on Twitter (@HRSB_Official).You can also subscribe to receive email notifications on the HRSB website. We would encourage you check any of these sources for up-to-date information regarding school cancellations.

School Closure Due to Extreme Weather

The Halifax Regional School Board serves a large geographical area. Weather and driving conditions can vary, and there may be times when schools in one area are closed while others remain open. In the event of school closure due to extreme weather and hazardous road conditions, one of the following situations would apply:

  1. All Schools served by the Halifax Regional School Board would close. This would include all schools in Halifax, Dartmouth, Halifax County and Bedford.
  2. Schools in the Halifax County and Bedford areas only would close as a result of extreme weather and hazardous road conditions. Schools in Halifax and Dartmouth would remain open.
  3. Certain high schools and their “feeder” schools would close. Elementary and junior High schools that feed into a specific high school a student will eventually attend are called “feeder schools”. It’s important that parents and guardians know in advance the name of the high school their child will eventually attend, and listen for this name to be announced in the event certain high schools and their “feeder” schools are closed. Humber Park’s “feeder” school is Auburn Drive High School. Also Humber Park School is a former Halifax County School.

In rare cases, extreme cold or other weather conditions could cause cancellation of school bus transportation, but not school.

*School closure information will be broadcast on all radio and cable TV stations, as well as the Halifax Herald Line (425-2255) 7488.